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Catch a Glimpse of the Future: Our Journey to Film the Groundbreaking HoloLens at Niagara College!

We recently had the pleasure of embarking on a journey to Niagara Falls to film an exciting project that is near and dear to our hearts. This project involved a partnership between Insight, a technology solutions provider, and Microsoft, which brought the HoloLens technology to the classroom at Niagara College.

As a company that loves filming projects that help empower communities and deals with education, we were thrilled to be a part of this initiative. It's always a pleasure for us to work with Insight Canada because of their innovative approach and visionary leadership. We knew that with their expertise and Microsoft's cutting-edge technology, this project was sure to be a success.

Navigating the environment with the HoloLens at Niagara College
Navigating the environment with the HoloLens

During our time at Niagara College, we saw firsthand how HoloLens is revolutionizing the way that students learn and interact w