CocoFilms is a dedicated team of professional filmmakers, artists and communication specialists, with an unquenchable desire to make movies that have enduring value. Since 2010, we have filmed hundreds of weddings and commercial videos; and several creative documentaries and fiction films, and we have learned so much in the process. Most of our work is focused on beautiful stories that highlight joy, goodness, optimism, romance, and success. Whether you are a new bride hoping to immortalize a special day, a marketing manager looking to tap into a new audience, or a screenwriter wanting to produce your Oscar worthy script, we know how to help you to create something beautiful. 

Since we started, we have had the pleasure to show our movies in several film festivals from around the world, in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and in reappropriated factory buildings in Montreal’s Mile End district. It's been an extremely rewarding experience, so far,  and we look forward to seeing where this road continues to take us. The reason we think we have been successful, so far, is because our approach is simple. We start every project with a fresh set of eyes and we always welcome challenging productions and new ideas. This is because our ultimate goal is to never stop improving as filmmakers.

What you can expect from us is full dedication to your project, with care for the details and a genuine curiosity for story. Everything we do, we do for this purpose. If we are flying a new drone, lugging around heavy equipment, or traveling across the globe, it's for the aim of telling the perfect story and delivering real value to our clients. 

For our personal development, we want to ensure that each new film is a success and an improvement from the previous one. For our clients, no matter how big or small your budget may be, we always aim to produce a film that you will be proud of, for many years to come. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat about your project or idea.