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A Celebration of Being Challenged

Throughout the past 10 years we have been producing films, we have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of amazing brands that all want very different results. As you can imagine, this keeps us on our toes. The diversity pushes us everyday, to try to improve as filmmakers and storytellers.

A fashion show requires a different approach than an interview in an office, and they are both quite different than a scripted scene. What they all require, however, is curiosity and attention to detail. This is what we fell we excel most at.

No matter how much or how little we are expected to do on each project, we start with two important questions: who is the audience and what is the message. After we understand these points we can adjust all else to fit. Shooting, editing style, music, and anything else will fall into place naturally.

To us, below is more than our reel, it is a celebration of our clients. We appreciate the challenges they offer and the trust they put in us.

Montreal Videographer - Corporate Video Production produced by

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