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Capturing Refreshment and Rhythm: CocoFilms at Osheaga 2023

This summer, CocoFilms had the distinct privilege of participating in Osheaga 2023, tasked by Devon Communications with documenting Brita's contribution to the festival through their free filtered water stations. Our objective was clear: to capture the integration of hydration and sustainability in a setting energized by some of the world's leading musical talents.

Located in the bustling heart of Montreal, Osheaga provided a vibrant tableau for our team. As we engaged with the project, our focus was on the dual impact of Brita’s initiative—both as a vital amenity for attendees and as a reflection of environmental stewardship. The hydration stations served as hubs of activity, illustrating the practical benefits of sustainable practices in large-scale public events.

Our approach combined rigorous attention to detail with creative cinematography, ensuring that each frame we captured not only highlighted Brita's role in enhancing attendee experience but also emphasized the broader narrative of sustainability. The visual content we created aimed to resonate with viewers by depicting the tangible benefits of sustainable solutions in dynamic environments.

Amid the festivities, our team also enjoyed the exceptional performances that define Osheaga. These moments of musical brilliance provided a compelling backdrop to our work, offering us further creative inspiration. The experience not only allowed us to produce distinctive content but also enriched our professional expertise in managing and executing event-based projects.

We are proud to deliver content that extends beyond mere documentation, offering insights into effective environmental practices and their implementation in public gatherings. Our collaboration with Devon Communications and Brita underscores our commitment to professional excellence and environmental responsibility.

We invite our clients and followers to view the resulting footage and photography on our platforms, which showcase our dedication to high-quality, impactful storytelling. This project at Osheaga 2023 has been a testament to our ability to blend artistic vision with corporate and environmental objectives.


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